Sunday, October 10, 2010

yummy cabbage-stuff and the all-year oktoberfest feeling

osaka is like the oktoberfest in munich in some places. there are huge writhing plastic crabs, gigantic dragons winding in and out of houses and even some ferris wheels. and, of course, a ridiculous amount of people crowding in one of the main shopping streets, leaving so little space between them that they seem to be one creature rather than individuals.

me and claire (a german girl i got to know at the airport) visited america mura today, a part of the inner city where all the main western brands have their little shops and where a lot of japanese boys and girls dress in western resp. american fashion. it's kinda cute cause they overdo it so immensely that you are reminded of the worst of the 80s, only in japanese style: too much of everything. in one of the big shopping centers we ate those cabbage-egg-stuff pankakes (forgot the name, it's an osaka speciality). delicious!

while walking i realised that you really have to search for a place in the streets where you don't see masses of cables in the sky. it's like an artificial jungle. i love it, it feels almost organic.

now i'm heading for the public swimming pool which is just around the corner. yay, fitness!

about my starving yesterday: at 4pm i finally got out, bought some noodles, removed the shrimp and meat-dice (it's not easy to be vegetarian) and i hereby swear to myself that i'll never get into the situation of not having absolutely anything to eat at home again.


  1. Seeing these pics are making me miss my time in Japan soooooo much! :)

  2. aaah davon rede ich meine liebe! mehr davon! oktoberfestfeeling ...und ja das mit den kabeln gibts in vielen mangas ...*nerd* kann man schöne skizzzen von machen. vllt kommste dazu..hab da mal ein paar von nem typen gesheen der auch auf einem japan trip war.
    und diesen pfannkuchen! boah ey..anna! mehr einträge YEAH..

  3. Hallo Annalein,
    wenn dir die Kabel gefallen, schau dir mal Serial Experiment Lain an, so ne japanische Serie. Hab da mal ein paar Folgen angeschaut. Ziemlich abgefahren und etwas unheimlich manchmal, aber die Kabel spielen da ne ziemlich große Bedeutung :)
    viel Freude beim weiteren Erkunden!

  4. die anonyme Julia bin ich übrigens, mag mir eigentlich keinen Google, Twitter oder Yahoo Account machen :(

  5. hey cool, das seh ich mir an. anonymous ist auch ein schöner name, wer braucht schon google? :)