Monday, October 11, 2010

maybe my back won't hate me anymore?

just a few minutes ago i was all like "meh, didn't see anything of the town today, just learning japanese" and now i'm like YYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYSSSSSS!!!
since i did not go out today besides to the public swimming pool (i bought a ticket for one month yesterday), i thought i at least could take some nice pictures of the surroundings from the roof. so i picked up my camera, went up two floors and ran into the manager of the apartments i live in. he isn't around quite so often, i was really lucky. why? i live in a traditional japanese style apartment with tatami (mats) on the floor. for sleeping you only have a really thin futon, and, since i'm used to my comfy, worn ikea matress my back didn't like it at all. so, i asked him if i could have a second futon and he said yesssssssss! he made an exception for me and asked me to not tell anybody, so hush! don't tell anyone where i live or some might get envious.
yes, i know, it's easy to make my day.


  1. kannste jetzt dann schon ein paar brocken japanisch? was treibst du eigentlich da? studierst du? arbeiten? oder nur urlaub?

  2., ich kann so gut wie nix, aber ich arbeite dran. geplant ist arbeiten, lernen, urlaub. und das alles, bevor mir das geld ausgeht. :)

  3. TWO! You are soooooo greedy. haha