Thursday, October 21, 2010

van gogh wannabes and a bunny with a crown. and one shoe.

we found the museum (the one i was searching for on sunday)! it took claire and me only half an hour of circling the building until we found someone who finally knew where it was exactly.
in the exhibition it was fun to see that in a time (around 1920) when european artists had been highly influenced by japanese art, japanese artists were also very much influenced by european art. in europe you can find van gogh trying to imitate japanese woodcuttings, in japan there are some paintings which remind you so much of van gogh's that you could actually mistake them for some of his'.

from the museum we had a great view over the ... beautiful skyline of osaka. but you can't really blame them, this city has been destroyed so often by both war and earthquakes that the will of building something everlasting and beautiful seems to have ceased.

we went to a korean restaurant after the museum. claire ordered something vegetarian for me, she even asked if there was any meat or fish in it. they said it's only tofu. and what was it? clams. with tofu.

while trying to find some boots in shinsaibashi-suji, i ran across this guy:


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