Wednesday, October 20, 2010

stop working (or whatever it is you're doing), we'll go to the museum

i start wondering if all of this isn't all a bit too good to be true. yesterday i was thinking that i'd like to go to a café sometimes, to have coffee and some sweet stuff. today takahashi-san and i went to the osaka city museum instead of working for two hours. how cool is that? and we had lunch at the museum's café or rather i had pancakes and coffee. happy!!! the rest of the day i spent drawing and eating the cake and sandwiches makiko gave me. i feel like i'm in heaven, the only thing that's missing is someone to share it with (in person). well, i hope this lasts for as long as possible.

to the left: the museum. to the right: NHK, japan's first broadcaster.
inside the connecting bubble
another thing: while children in germany still struggle not to loose their drinking straw in the juice packs, japanese children have a clear advantage:

i was a bit surprised to see this huge ferris wheel on the top of a building:



  1. ohw ohw ohw - du wirst von deinem chef sehr verwöhnt mein liebchen! hast du da nicht dieses eine mädchen kennen gelernt - oder irgendwen anderen den du regelmäßiger sehen kannst? kenn das nur zu gut wenn man irgendwen in persona vor sich haben mag um zu quatschen..mümümümü

  2. hii!

    wow, your blog is interesting, I'll follow you (I like the way you explain things n _ n )

    The ferris wheel in the top of the building is cute! I've never seen one in this kind of place before xD


  3. thx! i'm glad you like my blog. :)

  4. ooohja, werd ich :)
    ja, claire, aber die geht leider am sonntag für ne woche nach tokyo und danach ist sie ganz weg. und makiko is halt schon 36, da unterscheiden sich die interessen wahrscheinlich doch etwas.
    ja, es ist ein bisschen einsam. aber wenigstens schreibt ihr mir :)

  5. ich hoffe du findest bald jemand in deinem alter zum reden und was zusammen machen! :)
    sind schon clever die japaner mit ihrem strohhalm^^ ssiaka