Monday, October 25, 2010

a challenge at last! and night in osaka

finally there's something for me to do at work. and quite a good thing, too. there will be a huge international design event in hong kong at the end of november (bodw). the partner country for this year is japan and they asked hundred japanese designers (one of them being my boss) to make a 30 sec clip about romance to a more than cheesy song. these clips will be playing on hundred screens throughout the whole week. so this is quite a nice thing to do, but also really hard, cause we have to do something really outstanding and the competition is even harder. takahashi-san had already had an idea and we spent the last (work-)days making this clip. today i edited in after effects, but when it was finally done, we all didn't really like it very much. so we have to start again, which i actually think is great cause now i'm involved from the beginning, meaning maybe one of my ideas will become part of this clip. it's great and quite a bit of pressure.

i like osaka when it's getting dark, it is a totally different atmosphere when you don't see the concrete anymore and there are mysterious lights everywhere.


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