Thursday, October 28, 2010

tough decision between swimming pool and bath plus warmth

i start to get muscles on my back (of course i had them before, but also ... kinda not)! yay! i'm going swimming about five or six times a week now, it's really the first time i'm doing sport this often without being forced to. i'm afraid if i should move somewhere else, where there's no swimming pool round the corner, i might again be too lazy. but it's so cold in this apartment, when i wake up in the morning, it takes twenty minutes of convincing myself to get up and wash with icecold water (there's no warm water) from the "kitchen"sink. and then i'm late for work. argh, i hate decisions.

i dyed my hair today and this was an adventure in itself. since i didn't understand one single thing on the whole packaging but the colour, cause obviously there was an illustration of a black-haired girl on it, i just had to guess if it was permanent or not, if stays on for three days or eight weeks and if the thing inside was a conditioner or whatever. in the end, it all went well and i got rid of the black stains on my skin thanks to the highly chlorine-infected water of the swimming pool. but you never know, maybe my hair starts to fall out soon. oh, please not!

mmmm, i'm really looking forward to lunch tomorrow. since my boss always tries to find some new vegetarian meals for me, i have already had so many good meals in the past two weeks. on wednesday we went to an indian restaurant. best veggie curry i ever had!

this is one of the overcrowded streets that form the inner city of osaka. oh, it's so ... not beautiful, this town.


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