Friday, October 15, 2010

japanese monsters and lovebirdies crowding the place

my job isn't really hard to do, at least today. i was occupied by glueing and cutting stuff for about one hour and the rest of the day i spent looking at books which i randomly picked from the bookshelves or which takahashi-san gave to me. i discovered some nice pics of japanese monsters.

and some fluffy monkeys from a old japanese painting:

and i found this on my table in the morning: ♥ makiko

after work i was to meet claire and two japanese friends of hers, jagga and leo, but it took us 45 minutes of waiting on different sides of the same street and me desperately trying to call them from a mobile belonging to a total stranger until we finally found each other - or rather, i found them sitting at subway. we went out eating, which turned out to be even more difficult cause the restaurant didn't really have any vegetarian food, but after half an hour we succeeded in getting a more or less veggie okonomiyaki (the cabbage-stuff) for me. nomnomnom.
i'm so glad that takahashi-san thinks of my veggieism without me having to remind him, at lunch he at first searches for my meal on the menu and then chooses his.

we went to namba park then, trying to find some japanese crêpes on the way which, claire said, are stuffed with fruits and jam till they burst - njam! - but couldn't find any. at night the park seems to be a totally different place, calm and a bit mysterious and so pleasently cool. it's full of couples and lovebirdies.

later they wanted to bring me home and it was just like on the very first evening, obviously they had no idea where they were heading. in the end i had to guide them resp. google maps had to. but it was a fun evening, i really enjoyed talking to people at my age again.


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