Wednesday, October 13, 2010

lace qeen and space jellyfish-fungi

today i nearly cried in front of my boss and makiko. but really, it is a sad story.

makiko walks with a crutch, i thought that maybe she had an accident recently. yesterday at dinner, she told me that she has a fake leg, because, five years ago, she was very ill and it had to be taken off. i didn't really know what to say cause i felt so sorry for her. today, i looked through lace queen, a collection of her drawings. she had drawn only girls, about 100 pages of young and lascivious girls. in the last part, however, they where all missing one leg, like a big break. she gave me another book, of which takahashi-san had written the story and she had done the illustrations:
it's about a mouse, nii, who is friends with the doll meme. meme has lost one leg and has to stay in the trashcan she was thrown in, for she can't walk. so, nii tries to find her a new leg and finally gets a robot leg which fits on meme. she doesn't really like it because she can't wear skirts with a robot leg. but nii says, since it's a strong leg, maybe she could even jump higher and run faster than before. in the end, meme can neither jump nor run, but at least she is able to walk out of the trashcan and, after not having seen the sky for so long, she is amazed at how very huge it is.

having read this, i couldn't say anything, i had to hold back my tears. i still don't know what to say, for she had to suffer so much and still is so kind and seems to be a really lovely person.

puh. it feels wrong to bring up anything else after this, but still, i have to.

takahashi-san gave me two books which contained the backgrounds of an anime-movie. i never really thought about how they make animations nowadays, i only knew the backgrounds from walt disney from back in the 40s. so i was surprised to see those backgrounds which are more like paintings, really. looking through a book like that feels like walking trough a movie set after the movie's finished. nobody's there, you can wander the places and, since i didn't know the anime, i could invent my own stories on those backgrounds. i hope i'll find more books like these in a second-hand bookshop.

i want this! now! way to much cool kitsch to leave it to an anime.
they just look so ... flirrrps!

besides the usual, mindnumbing stuff, like cutting objects in photoshop, that every intern has to go through, nothing special happened today. i didn't even go swimming cause i was too late. meh.



  1. T.T boah..ich kann mir genau vorstellen wie du dich gefühlt hast..das ist echt SEHR traurig..das auf englisch zu lesen ist noch viel krasser find ich..

    aber diese hintergründe WOW! apropos bücher. glaubst du, du kannst mir ein paar sachen aus japan schicken wenn dir was schönes ins auge fällt was mir gefallen könnte? zeichen technisch! das wär so klasse. würd dir auch das geld überweisen,falls das geht...hast du ein postbankkonto oder so? das wär so gut! SO so SO gut!

  2. klar, ich guck, was ich kriegen kann! bis jetzt hab ich aber noch keinen buchladen gefunden, der sowas hat. aber ich werd was finden, ganz sicher!

  3. ja frag deinen chef! der wird dir wahrscheinlich gleich alles schenken! hahaha^^oh ich hoffe du findest da gute freunde!