Tuesday, October 12, 2010

too many good things for one day and one strange little ... thing?

now, this is all way too good to happen. i still can't believe i had this much luck today. but first things first.

claire had told me about a free japanese course near where i live, so i went there at 10 am to see if they have a place for me. i learned that it's mostly elderly japanese men and woman who volunteer to teach foreigners for free. thats so nice, i am really grateful. i can go there once a week, but there are other schools like this all over osaka, so, to learn faster, maybe i'll visit another one as well.

i then wandered the shopping arcades around namba station. there's a park in between all the highways crossing town and skyscrapers. it's a building with trees on every floor, some rivers and a playground for children.

namba park from above ...

... and from below.

on my way back, i finally bought some dishwasher and other household stuff i was to lazy to get till now, collected a month's supply of free tissues and said hello to a gigantic crab at kuromon market.

(i just like the roof)
 also, i found this little fellow:

i just had time to change my clothes, because i had an interview with a graphic design agency named kokokumaru at 3 pm., so i rushed and still was 15 minutes late. but all went really well, far better than i even dared hoping before (the boss, takahashi-san, even speaks english. yay!). instead of taking me as an intern for just two or three weeks, he said i'd do the internship till the end of the year and then we'd see how to go on. and i only need to come on mondays, wednesdays and fridays, so i have enough time left to learn japanese. he showed me some of the books in which his works are published and also one of his own books. i love his work, that's why i only applied at his office and not for even one other agency in japan. i was really happy then, when they (he and his co-worker) told me that i could join them for a graphic design vernissage this evening. now i started to fly.

it was just a really tiny vernissage, one little room, but there must have been quite a lot important osaka designers. i talked to some thanks to makiko, the co-worker and now i have a stack of business cards from people who invited me to their office (mind you, i was already floating above the clouds of happiness).

and now, to gloriously crown the day, takahashi-san invited me and makiko to a dinner. it amused them that i am vegetarian, but they tried to find as much as possible on the menu for me, which ended up being far too much for my poor little stomach, but, since i haven't had the time to eat since breakfast, it was perfect.

so, from today on, i'm a happy little intern in a graphic design agency in japan. what more could i wish for? exactly, payment, but i'll give that some time. haha!



  1. Juhuuuuu! Freu mich so für dich!!!! Gratulation, die Julia

  2. Wow, das ging ja super schnell!! Herzlichen Glückwunsch - you rock! :-) Das Lischen

  3. Hab ich das richtig verstanden? Du hast eine Arbeit? Gratulation!:)

  4. dicken glückwunsch!!!

  5. heyheyheeeey, ich wusste doch dass du nur ein paar tage brauchen wirst um aus dem ersten depriloch--kulturschock-feeling rauszukommen und dass dir das glück dann zufliegen würde!! :) weiter so, liebe ex-lippe! :D deine qualle

  6. yeeeees, das läuft ja wie am schnürchen :D freu mich sehr für dich!!!
    btw coole fotos! bin fleißig am lesen und anschaun :) sieht alles so anders aus...;)
    liebe grüße!! saskia

  7. ich will die wth pflanze!!! jup

  8. danke euch allen! ui, es freut mich, dass ihr mit mir reist!
    jaaaa, ich will sie auch haben, die wth pflanze!

  9. ja das wird das wird - ich kann mich dir schon in einem teuren schwarzen abendkleid mit kleiner schleppe vorstellen, wie du mit der high society japans über das fußvolk lachen wirst! ich freu mich dass es dir da so gut geht :D

  10. das mit dem japanisch unterricht find ich klasse! ach ich iwll auch eine neue sprache lernen!

  11. und siehste ein blog ist eine riesen idee! YEAH

  12. ja, stimmt, es war wirklich eine sehr gute idee, vor allem, dass du mich dazu getreten hast.
    o yeah, high society, baby! ha! :D
    du hast doch mal türkisch angefangen. ist das endgültig gestorben? aber es gibt soviele. oder auch japanisch? :)

  13. ich würde echt gerne türkisch lernen! ich wohne ja über einer moschee eigentlich müsste mir das sehr leicht fallen...aber ich hab keine zeit um vokabeln zu büffeln :( japanisch wäre aber auch toll..aber ich glaub dazu hab ich keine geduld :(