Sunday, October 17, 2010

concrete church and sunset on dotombori river

it's so damn hard to get anywhere without speaking japanese and a sense for orientation. i just tried to go the museum takahashi-san gave me a ticket for, i circled the buildings, but without any luck. so i wanted to go back and do some shopping and it was after half an hour of walking that i realized that somewhere i had turned 180° and now was where i had never been before. and most certainly not where i wanted to be. but, as every bad incidence also has a good side, there were a lot of beautiful things on my way back, and, had i not made this long way across town, i wouldn't have seen a church crammed between two concrete houses, an old man taking his cat out for a walk and  the sunset on dotombori river.



  1. oh der fluss ist toll - ich hätte gern den mann mit der katze gesehen O.O

  2. ich auch :-) ssiaka

  3. ja, ich hätte echt gern ein foto gemacht, aber er sah so friedlich weltfremd aus, da wollte ich ihn nicht stören.

  4. Das zweite Bild ist großartig! Hast du davon eine Version in höherer Auflösung?


  5. danke! :)
    ja, hab ich, allerdings nicht riesig, ich habs mit meinem handy gemacht. willst du es haben?