Friday, October 8, 2010

first entry from japan: starving on an orange

it's now my second "real" day in osaka, japan and i still haven't seen much of the city. it's been raining heavily all day. i don't even want to go out to buy something to eat, all i had today was an orange. and, not having anything but water at home, i'm either gonna starve or get soaked if it won't stop raining.

the only things i saw so far was the view from the bus driving from kansai airport (which is on an artificial island) to namba station in the heart of osaka and, not to forget, some passages and streets circling my apartment when i dragged my 28 kilo luggage behind me for two hours, following an american from wisconsin and his two japanese friends, trying to find my apartment, only to end up at the subway station i arrived at again (i then got picked up by the manager, luckily).

the jetlag is killing me, yesterday i got up only to buy said oranges, water and some really sticky rice (if any european was ever wondering how to eat rice with chopsticks: the problem is not to pick the rice up but to get it back off). i spent all day lying in my room and convincing myself that i'll go out tomorrow and try not to get lost (again).

it's 13:06; i'm really getting hungry right now and the rain is getting worse ...
i'm where i always wanted to be and now i'm not even able to step outside my door. it's ridiculous.


  1. aba du MUSST musst MUSST raus gehen ohhh wie spannend! und ganz viel zu essen ausprobieren! du darfst nicht noch dünner werden! ich hau dich wenn du noch dünner wirst! und die reaktionen! und die kultur! oh ich lebe so durch meine freunde hahahahah^^

  2. hahhaahhahaha die beschreibung is auch gut .and food. hahahahaa^^

  3. ach, wenn ich erst mal die phase der scheuheit (???) abgelegt hab, werd ich wieder mehr essen. versprochen! :)