Sunday, October 24, 2010

partey on sat and nasal violance

before anything else i have to get this from my heart: I F*CKIN HATE (loud speaking and ridiculously high pitched (for a man) laughing) PEOPLE! at least if they dwell in the room next to mine and don't let me sleep in the morning or get my thoughts together in the evening.

so, having this said, i can now tell you what i did yesterday.
i was at a party! yays! for the first time in what feels like forever. the apartment-house i live in belongs to three other houses all over osaka, one of them is a hostel and two are shared houses. the managers decided to invite all residents to a party on saturday, which i think is a really nice idea, helping us socialize and providing endless amounts of beer and uuu so yummy food.
i wanted to go swimming before that and learn japanese, but i just couldn't get up, lazylazy, and so i did a tiny bit of japanese and slept from one daydream to the next until i finally had to get up to not be too late.
i met some really nice people and talked a lot with japanese and french people. there where a lot of french guys actually, i don't know why and they don't know either. france is secretly covering the globe with secret agents and one day they will take over the power. or something like that.

anyway, one of them wants to rent an apartment for a full year, so we decided that we could move in together in a two-room apartment. if this works out, it's gonna be great, A because it's a lot cheaper, B cause i'd have my own shower in the apartment, C i would be free to go when i want and not when some contract ends. wish me luck!

when the evening neared its end and i had drunken just a wee bit too much beer, i left to get one of the last trains. at the station, a guy is running up to me, apparently asking me something. after a short, confused, hands waving conversation i get that he wants to know which station i want to go to, so i tell him and he reopens the bars that had already locked the entrance to the subway. i run down the stairs and another guy from the subway staff is keeping the train up so i can jump in. lucky me.
very nice people, the japanese! but the last subway at 11:35 pm? oh come on.

today i spent on searching boots. the whole frickin day. but at least i got to see a lot of the city, some really nice shops and a lot of kawaiiiiii girls. maybe that's why so many french guys are in japan.

oh, and i was wondering all day what this more than ugly smell of puke was, until i realized that it's the fruit of the ginko trees. as nice as they are to look at, this is nasal violence.

my new favorite shop. they've got everything you could wish for. just not the boots i wanted. but i love it anyway.

blinkyblinkyfairyteary. once more i am surprised by the mass of uselessness and kitsch.



  1. na ich hoff das mit dem franzosen klappt :D
    was sind denn kawaiiiiii girls??

  2. danke, ich auch :)
    kawaii heißt süß, es ist wahrscheinlich das lieblingswort der japanischen mädchen. je mehr süßes zeug (schleifen, spitze, schnürstiefelchen, rosa, etc) an einem dranklebt, desto besser.