Saturday, October 16, 2010

a hot bath and a sugarshock

i'm feeling so ... good and tired, you know, like after taking a long bath. well, actually, i did take a long bath this afternoon. claire and i went to an onsen, a traditional japanese hot water bath. getting there was a bit of an adventure, though, cause we didn't exactly know where it was, so we asked some people and i swear, none of them but the very last had even the slightest idea, but did they say that? no way, they just pointed in a direction, gave instructions which roads to take and after five minutes of walking someone showed us in the opposite direction. we passed a nice little shrine with some bronze cows, so this made up for the long way a bit.

the onsen was nice, very relaxing. the water was really hot and i had to get out quite often and pour cold water over me so i wouldn't faint, but it was fun. claire said that japanese people are used to this cause they take a bath in a reheating bathtub (42°) every evening.

i have been eating and drinking sweet stuff all day, starting with the cookies that makiko had left for me on my table, then some sweet bread and a super-sweet soda and, to crown the day, we went to shinsaibashi-suji (the enormous shopping arcade) and got two of those fantastic crêpes, which are filled with everything you could wish for. i didn't dare taking the fruit-cake filling and went for strawberry icecream with strawberries and syrup. NOM!


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