Tuesday, October 26, 2010

golden shoes and icecold gales

i think these language courses really start to work. not that i could speak without five minutes of thinking beforehand, but the grammatical structure begins to to feel comfortable in my brain. it doesn't feel like i'm thinking against my usual way of thinking anymore (at least when it's not too complicated).

besides trying to transform my brains, i went to my new favorite shop (spinns) again and bought some new stuff to comfort my overworked mind. i never thought i'd buy golden shoes someday.

 ah and since it is so very beautiful, i wanted to show you my banana decorated kitchen:

and this, on a totally random matter, is a huge shopping slash i don't have a clue building. maybe it doesn't show so well on the picture, but it covers the sky when you're standing next to it.

yesterday i was running around in a t-shirt and still felt like tearing off my clothes because of the heat. and today it's frickin freezing. like winter not only stretched his fingers a bit before visiting, no, he just had to crash in and bury everything in icecold gales. even in the apartment my nose is cold, cause i don't want to switch on the air conditioner. the warm air would be gone in two seconds anyway, the windows aren't isolated. i'll just snug under my sheets and get some sleep.


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