Friday, October 29, 2010

ukiyo-e woman sliding crabstyle across the pool and THE sunset

i always thought that the women in ukiyo-e paintings look a bit strange and not very realistic. well, today i was proven wrong. i was lying happily in the hot tub of the swimming pool when i saw a woman sliding trough the pool in crabstyle , from one end to the other (must have been some kind of exercise, i don't know, but it looked hilarious). and there it was, the perfect ukiyo-e face. if you took a photograph of her and erased the shadows, there'd be nothing left to do.

after i had finished the romance clip at work, takahashi-san again gave me some books (for all of them i had to write thank-you mails, people send him stuff all the time. i'd love that, i wouldn't even have to pay for the newest books), one of them was by mark ryden, an american painter. you might know some of his work. i'm not really a fan, but there was one thing that still amazes me. it's the frame of one of his paintings. he sketched it out and had it made by some manufacturers. it just looks insane.

my boss and i both stood on the balcony of the office when we discovered this sunset, trying with every device that was at hand to capture it.



  1. hab ich mir bei den ukiyo-e bildern auch immer spitz irgendwie. von mark ryden hab ich auch schon mal was gesehen, da gehts mir wohl auch so wie dir, aber der frame is echt insane..und die süßen tiiiierchen (julia pädas)