Wednesday, October 27, 2010

pregnant pictograms falling apart and a neighbourhood full of hookers and love hotels

i spent all day making this clip for the design week in hong kong even cheesier than it was. but that's alright, cause now i at least can say that i did a good part of it. although i would have preferred to do something better than this, which i could actually be proud of.

anyway, i wanted to show you this sign since i first got to japan:

obviously, it tells you to give your seat up to people who are disabled in any way. but i just love the pictograms, especially the pregnant woman. she seems to break apart under the weight she carries around. i can't stop smiling everytime i see it (which must look quite idiotic to the other passengers).

and this is the mysterious building, now by day:

i seem to be living in a not sooo safe neighbourhood, cause there are like ten love hotels just around the corner, plus there seems to be a hooker-street quite close. and this evening when i came back from swimming i got asked for my passport by two policemen. i had left it in my apartment, so they followed me home and it was all fine, but when they said goodbye, they told me with very worried faces that i should be careful. ummm.



  1. Süüüüüß! Der resolute alte Mann, die birnenförmige Schwangere und das Herzmännchen sind am coolsten! Gebt euren Platz Leuten mit Liebeskummer, so sieht das aus :) sehr nett...
    na dann pass mal gut auf, meine Liebe! die Julia

  2. ha, ich wusste, dass es dir gefällt! :) ich bin auch dafür, leute mit liebeskummer haben definitiv einen sitzplatz verdient!