Sunday, November 28, 2010

jackets, a long walk, autumn leaves and talented people

i feel that lately i didn't really put anything personal up here (= trivial things like clothing, likes&dislikes and so on). soooo, i'll just throw random stuff at you and you'll have to filter out what interests you. ha!

since it's not really warm here (although i feel it got better again), i had to buy some jackets cause, being the intelligent person that i am, i didn't take anything like a woolen pullover or even just more than one old sweater with me from germany. there's just one little problem: the sleeves are way too short, it's so hard to find something that at least covers most of my arm (not to speak of the trousers, it's simply impossible to find something that is even close to long enough (for those who don't know: i'm 1,80m tall)). but, after some searching, i got me a puffy down jacket from uniqlo and a very pink sweater from my favorite store, which again proved that they have everything i'm looking for.

last thursday my boyfriend (who doesn't like to have his name in the www) and i went to arashiyama, which is close to kyoto, to enjoy the autumn leaves. and even though it was a regular working day, it was pretty crowded. but luckily, the leaves are usually above the people, so that didn't really disturb us.

we also went to see ryoanji temple and it's famous rock garden (being an ignorant person, i didn't know about it, but i'm not a buddhist, so whatever). they say, the longer you look at it, the more your imagination makes out of it. which would actually be really nice, it's just that you can't do that without people trying to squeeze past you so they can take pictures. which, of course, i did as well.

since my bf seems to have difficulties in estimating distances (only in kyoto, he sais), we walked A LOT. also, arashiyam/kyoto seem to have banned any conbinis (convenience store) , we didn't eat anything but some sweets until five pm and so, by the end of the day we were both standing in the train back to osaka (of course, all seats were taken) and felt like the walking dead. we have to find some way between doing absolutely nothing and killing ourselves by sightsseing.

browsing through the illustration annuals at the office, i found this really great one:

and i found this page as well, this is just insane:

not insane but i love it

k, enough randomness for today! tell me about the things you recently discovered or that you like!



  1. woah, die fredrik ödman seite is total der wahnsinn! hab mir gleich alles vom ersten bis zum letzten bild angeschaut und mich mit der idee einer serie von montagen und collagen angefreundet. das hat mich bisher eigentlich nicht so interessiert. supacool, umarmung, julia

  2. ja, die seite haut einem irgendwie das hirn aus den ohren, teilweise etwas sehr gruselig, aber insgesamt wahnsinn! hugsa!