Monday, November 15, 2010

a castle made of concrete, job or no job and peaceful temples

the last week flew by and i didn't even realise it was going so fast, thanks to my hun. we explored the city a bit more. i applied for a job. and i can finally cook in my apartment! happy!

on tuesday we went to see osaka castle. walking there we got soaked thanks to the rain, but in the end that was a good things cause all the tourists were gone and there was hardly anybody left to stand in the way. osaka-jou is, like so many things in osaka, made out of concrete. the original was built 1583, 32 years later it got destroyed but was rebuild, then again destroyed and finally rebuild nearly 80 years ago.

we then crossed the whole city by foot and finally collapsed in a cafè/bar that made you instantly want to smoke a cigar and drink scotch. which, of course, made it impossible for me to just lie on one of the couches and sleep. when our energy was a bit restored by sugar and coffee, we went to ride the ferris wheel that is on top of a building. we had a great view (and it was very romantic^^).

it does look a bit scary, though

i had applied for a job as a bartender at a place called zerro, about a 15min walk from my place. since i only worked as a bartender for two months before, we agreed that on friday evening i would have my trial and decide afterwards if it would work.

so i started at 7pm. they were really nice and showed me everything and then, surprise, i was told that for a start i would only have to wash the dishes. yay ... erm, not. there was a lot to do, but i also talked to many gaijin (non-japanese) people and i had to drink a lot of shots and beer because someone was always buying the whole staff a round. by the end of the night i was totally drunk, my back hurt and actually i really had fun. so i was offered the job and i was swaggering back home happily at 5am.

five hours later i woke up and was feeling like i just died but wasn't allowed to sleep in eternity. my right arm hurt so much i almost couldn't move it because of all the scrubbing off dirty dishes. and that was when i realied, that, if i should take the job, i wouldn't have enough energy left to do anything else for half the week. but since i did come to japan to see the country and also to start my mini-career as a graphic designer, i think this wouldn't be a good idea. and talking to the people in the bar, who all seemed to have ended up as something totally different than they intended (and not in the good way) also helped me not only with my decision, but also with the focus i want to put on certain things in my life. so, i'm not a bartender and i won't be and the money is getting less every day.

anyway, on sunday we went to further explore the tennoji area with all its temples and shrines. it was so peaceful and relaxing there, we stayed for hours and took thousands of pictures.

this morning a guy from the gas company came to switch on the gas for my apartment. since i decided to stay here for at least three more months (because, even if there isn't a bathroom, i love the area i'm living in, also the swimming pool being so close has become really important to me and finally, it just feels like home), i wanted to be able to cook again. after work i bought a cooking pot and went to the ghetto supermarket (not my invention) to buy some basics, vegetable and noodles.

there's a blog called whatkatieate, you seriously have to have a look at it! the pictures there make me hungry everytime i see them. one of them made me want to eat roasted pumpkin for days, so today i could finally do that. it's soba (japanese buckwheat noodles) with pumpkin, onions and lots of fried garlic. omnomnom.

this is just a cheap imitation of katie's stuff, so go there!


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  1. uhh wie machst du das denn mit dem geld! und was haben die denn getan, dass dir die entscheidung abgenommen wurde?
    aber das essen sieht toll aus - und ich finds toll dass du so viel von der welt siehst!
    kannst du nicht wirklich bei dem designer arbeiten? kannst du das nicht mal ansprechen? das wär doch klasse! so nach zwei monaten - drei monatepraktikum und dann trainee! yeshhh ich hoffe du verfolgst deinen kreativen weg kleiner padawan!