Wednesday, December 15, 2010

rubber ducks, hungry carp and the whole uncertainty the future has to offer

uuuuuuuuuuu, this uncertainty! it's killing me! my boss finally told me in a japanese way that he won't employ me (that means he didn't really say anything). so now i have to find a job really fast and takahashi-san isn't much of a help. first he suggested i should ask for a job at the german consulate (for whichever reason) and then he said he would call another agency to ask them if they have a job for me and he still hasn't told me if he reached them and if so, what they said. muuuuaaargh. it's really difficult to find something in osaka, most of the bigger agencies are in tokyo (of course, where else).

and also, there's the huge problem of me not speaking japanese. maybe i should go to one of those totally overpriced japanese schools for one or two months, cause what i did til now was those free lessons three times a week, which is some help, but by far not sufficient to actually communicate with people. and now the evening-course is over. we had a farewell tea-party yesterday evening which was really nice.

last week i walked through half the city to register at the ward office to get my alien registration card. i had to do that within three months after my arrival, now it's already been two months and i started to feel a bit uneasy about it, so i finally went there and after some minutes of the poor guy trying to read my handwriting everything was ok.

on my way back i walked down matsyamachi-suji ave. this street seems to contain only three things: japanese collector's dolls, cardboard boxes and tons of plastic toys that the world really doesn't need. but it looked very nice, hundreds of little rubber ducks and frogs and masses of other colourful things, all sleeping in their cardboxes.

my boyfriend (let's just call him moto) and i spent the whole weekend at his place and on saturday we went to daisen park by bike. most of the leaves have already said goodbye to their trees and so the ground was covered with red and yellow. we met some very interesting creatures as well.


and now something totally unrelated that i've been wanting to show you for a long time. my boss's mousepad:

amazing, right?



  1. DAS MAUUUUSPAD!! zieh einfach bei moto ein. is doch klar! ^^ weniger ausgaben und alles ist gut!

  2. ja, schön wärs. aber es geht leider nicht. :( du kriegst baldigst ne mail mit den details. :)